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Santa Cruz Showground, Bolivia

Del 3 al 6 de septiembre de 2024

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The event renews alongside new technologies. Each year creating a new window towards business and public institutions reinforcing the continuous work made by the Brands and local partners. The eagerness to place information about emergent technologies that increase productivity, management process, services and sales within reach for each business Individual Solutions

​The true key to success on this show, getting in touch with each decision taker on the chain of command on the organization, from CEOs, CIOs, CTOs y CFOs to engineers. Including support for Sales Chain and Project Development through a combination of B2B formats and creating a multiplying effect, via: 


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Considerado el "padre" de la tecnología digital, Nicholas Negroponte es un visionario de renombre mundial con la comprensión más profunda de la tecnología y su impacto en los negocios y la sociedad.

Fondo negro

Consultor de IA en el Centro de Investigación Ames de la NASA, se especializa en la aplicación del aprendizaje profundo de la exploración y comercialización espacial.

Cerramos el circuito perfecto para un NETWORKING completo, generando un efecto multiplicador en la combinación de 4 formatos: 


Enfocándonos en convocar 4 niveles de ejecutivos con toma de desición o influencia:

  1. Directo e indirecto, convocando a ejecutivos en general. 

  2. Encargados técnicos hacia gerenciales 

  3. Ejecutivos identificados 

  4. Principales ejecutivos C-Level, 150 empresas líderes e intituciones invitadas (CEO, CIO, COO, CFO, CTO y CISO).

  1. EXPOsición

  2. Rueda de Conferencias Privadas

  3. Agenda de Reuniones Programadas

  4. Foro "Bolivia 20/30"

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EXPOteleinfo, is a Platform for exhibition and access to the most important contacts on Bolivian Technology, allowing brands and tech business: CONNECT, TEACH & PENETRATE the continuously transforming market. Summoning channels, integrators and guaranteeing the assistance of main executive representatives for desition taking in government, business, and industry. 



EXPOteleinfo, has 6 conference rooms available, accommodated and ready for the participant exhibitor to do speeches, conferences, launches or training in a private format for your guests. 

From 2020 onwards, each room will have a video wall screen (2m x 2m), air conditioning, coffee, and water. 

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The exhibitors in EXPOTELEINFO, can request a Meeting Agenda for scheduling corporative meetings, which could be scheduled before, during or after the exhibition. 30 days in advance, schedule individual meetings with executives of your interest. Base on the number of stands hired. 

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FORO 20/30

+ 16 brilliant and influential minds in the business world, that work on boosting New Technologies into innovative business modules. In the 2nd Forum "Bolivia 20/30" of Expoteleinfo, the speakers will have the responsibility to inspire, teach and project the Future. Sharing their knowledge about the evolution of emerging technologies in Revolution 4.0, tendencies, applications, short and middle term opportunities, and potential benefits. Furthermore, debating about the future of these new technologies and how the developing environment responds to the diverse possible impacts that generated Competitive Advantages.